My Pan African Dream – AFRO LOVE

 - by Zara Chiron

Pan AfricanI don’t particularly care for labels – whether that be a feminist, same gender-loving or non cis ally, or even a Pan Africanist, because at the end of the day I am just about Love for all humankind and non-human beings of our world alike. And I have found that labels can often prove to be rather limiting and unnecessarily complicated.

But I guess for the purpose of explaining an outlook close to my heart within this post, I will say that I have a Pan African Dream.
One that is fuelled by Afro Love, a concept I mention quite a lot when broaching various Afro cultural issues on this platform.

So this time, I am going to fully explain what I truly mean by that.

My Pan African Dream

As with all things, each person has her own own definition or outlook and understanding of Pan Africa and their associated vision of what a Pan African person or dream looks like.

I feel that all ideas are welcome and good the global Afro community in one way or another – as long as they are positive and forward-moving. But you see that’s when things can start to get murky and debatable.

What does my Pan African Dream look like?

  • All of Africa’s nations truly politically and economically free – and thriving both independently and in harmony together on the continent.
  • All Afro communities worldwide thriving in their diverse cultural identities and industries – our resources, our history, our images, our voices, our lives by us and for us.
  • All sentiments of Colourism and Ethnocentricism obliterated from our psyches and mentalities in and between all Afro communities worldwide
  • An inner peace with the recent past, and unwavering strength within the neocolonial present possessed by all Afro people that even the most racist, obliviously privileged and covertly aggressive lost person could not shake.
  • Healthy inter-cultural dialogue and relationships (both economic/professional and social) between all Afro nations and communities globe-wide.
  • A world in which Afro Love will no longer make sense because HUMAN centred love will lead with unity in diversity amongst all ethnicities, nationalities, genders, sexualities, religions etc.

And again, there are many diverse Afro voices out there that I admire even without necessarily sharing the exact same philosophies they express. – so to each her own.

But my Pan African Dream is focused on Afro Love. 


I recognise that this dream is huge,  and may likely evolve as I myself do in time.
So stay tuned :p

Afro Love is My Way Forward 

In order to get there I feel we must understand WHY and HOW our Afro experiences have come to be in our current state of the world – without bitterness or negativity. And then we can seek to thrive forward from there, in Love i.e. Afro Love.

I seek to encourage the global Afro community to rediscover, reclaim, embrace, LOVE and thrive in who we are, both as Afro people and individuals, in our every day lives.

“Self-Discovery, Self-LPan Africanove, Self-Expression” – Zara Chiron

I feel that by each of us just living positively in our truth – whatever that is or means to us as individuals in whatever corner of the world we happen to be in, our personal day to day carriage and overall professional successes in our lives will speak and act for us, and consequently feed into the collective rebuilding of us and our communities as Afro people :)

I’m here to encourage Afro people who are interested in living in this self-loving, positive and successful way.

And how do I intend to go about doing this?

  • Compiling and presenting real i.e. accurate and complete African History
  • Exploring and sharing diverse Afro voices and experiences
  • Promoting direct (trans-lingual and inter-cultural) communication between Afro Diaspora worldwide.
  • Creating and producing an assortment of media (images, poetry, books, documentaries etc.) that highlight our collective  Afro Experiences.

And, making a sincere and life-long effort to live in my own truth as Zara Chiron :p

I am just one person and am an extremely imperfect human being myself. But if I can at least do something to help, heal, educate or inspire someone, then it is still better than nothing at all.

Afro Love is both an individual and collective way of being.

No matter what your passions or talents are, if you’re truly seeking to live in a positive and truthful way as your best self  – then you are living in Afro Love and strengthening the larger collective.

NBYou Need Not be of Afro Descent to be About Afro Love. 

If you are a Non-Afro person who extends yourself to Afro communities, experiences and voices in true solidarity then you are also a cherished friend to us :)

But Afro Love amidst all the Racist Hate? 

Yes. I personally feel that this is the most balanced and efficient attitude to adopt both on a personal individual level and on a collective societal level.

  • Do not confuse Pan Africa with white hatred as this is just detrimental to us ALL as human beings.
  • Do not let the racist institutions emotionally, mentally and spiritually hurt you deeply enough to distract you from who you really are and deter you from your path to success.
  • Don’t internalise the system, don’t let it bring you out of character and true life purpose.

Often easier said than done, but try to deal with the racism the most positive way you can – you owe it to yourself.Pan African

Thrive Forward in Afro Love 

Rather than dwell on everything that has been done to hurt us, everything that is STILL being done to keep us down economically, politically and socially – let’s focus on OURSELVES. On what we could and should do positively to uplift who we are both on a personal individual level and as global community  economically, politically and socially speaking.

Nobody can treat you worse than you treat yourself.

Let’s start from the inside out – and make a valid ongoing effort to rediscover our essence and reconstruct our true self-love as Afro People.

Afro Love will be our strength in this Neocolonial time. And in leading with this paradigm, I truly doubt that anyone else will ever be able to enslave or oppress us – whether that be psychologically or economically, ever again.

I don’t know if I will get to see it within my lifetime, but I know that throughout my lifetime I will continue to live in a way that will contribute to this dream being realised.

Thank You to everyone who has already shown their support and kindness towards me and this platform – all Afro people and non-Afro friends alike :)

Lets continue to heal, grow and build together.